HVAC systems

HVAC systems of a building serve for creation of an internal climate which influences health of the people inside. Correctly selected parameters also allow to reduce power consumption and provide necessary conditions for operation of machinery and equipment. We can offer our customers high-quality services installation and maintenance of HVAC systems, suitable for civil as well as for industrial use:

  • supply and exhaust ventilation
  • smoke exhaust (hatches, fans)
  • aspiration and dust suppression
  • cooling and air conditioning
  • air dryers and humidifiers
  • automatic climate control of buildings

Electrical systems and automation

Electrical work requires special knowledge in technical terms and in terms of electrical safety. Our staff have А-competence, professional education and many years of experience to guarantee the customer high quality in all types of electrical works, including above 1000 volts:

  • design and engineering
  • installation of cables and cable support structures
  • installation and connection of various electrical equipment
  • normal and emergency lighting, LED backlight
  • earthing and lightning protection
  • external networks
  • electrical heating
  • assembly and installation of power and control panels
  • control systems for civil and industrial buildings

Maintenance of HVAC systems

HVAC systems of a building is an expensive and complicated mechanism, therefore for its continuous operation and retention of technical characteristics regular maintenance is required. During the maintenance, the system will provide your building with a comfortable climate and will save the budget from emergency repairs. The consumables and mechanisms established by the manufacturer's factory regulations are replaced in the maintenance process, a general inspection of the systems is carried out for early detection of possible problems. Our trained maintenance team is ready to serve 24 hours a day:

  • cooling, air conditioning and heating systems
  • automation systems
  • electrical systems
  • heat pumps
  • refrigerating equipment


Cleaning of air ducts

According to the requirements of the Estonian fire department, the owner of the building must clean the air ducts and air dampers at least once a year. In addition to fire safety, the premises receive a breath of clean air free of dust, mold and germs that cause viral infections and allergies. Skat-Keskus trained and qualified personnel quickly and efficiently produces:

  • cleaning of ventilation systems and channels
  • control of fire dampers
  • cleaning of kitchen hoods and fat drainages
  • cleaning of air channels for apartment buildings
  • provision of video researches and reports
  • documenting and issuing a cleaning certificate

Heat pumps

When heating a room with a heat pump, it is possible to save up to 80% of electricity costs. Heat pump is a modern thermal machine capable of carrying low-temperature heat of air, earth or water into a house for its heating. We design, sell, install and maintain all types of heat pumps:



We carry out installation and maintenance of insulation. During the work, we use certified materials that provide the necessary parameters. Our experienced team is able to work with any kind of insulation:

  • thermal insulation (cold and warm surface)
  • sound and noise insulation
  • metal insulation and cladding
  • electrical heating


Our company has a wide experience of welding work within our own projects and as independent works. We offer supply and installation of:

  • industrial pipelines and pump groupsrue
  • frames and supporting structures for equipment
  • secondary steel structures and service areas
  • hydraulic testing and visual control of welding connections 
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